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Most trafficked girls never return home. Even if they break free, their families don’t always take them back…

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Genre: Role Playing Game

Language: Available in English/Bengali

Platforms: Android/iOS/PC

Price: Free

Developer: Flying Robot Studios

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“…really touching and heart wrenching.”




“Even if I ignore the fact that it’s a great initiative, the game itself is intriguing and the gameplay, even more so. The artwork and the storyline was bang-on. A completely fresh gaming experience.Kudos.”
Brian Adrian
Awesome idea, you can feel the problem. Hats off!!
Gogol Nico
Amazing concept for a game. There are not many games likes this and it really puts into perspectives the horrors that these women that exist in real life go through.
Deandra Neretlis
Game is good,but should be more chapters or continue story.I liked to see second part of story.