MISSING is a Role Playing Game designing to allow players to experience what a missing person goes through when she is trafficked into the inhumane and cruel world of prostitution, a world into which millions of girls are lost every year. Players assume the role of the missing person, making choices and assessing risks for themselves to find their way to the illusive freedom.

In today’s times, developers are realizing that they can make a difference and are producing games that go beyond entertainment. Games for causes are a way for game companies to leverage and showcase projects that have social impact, which allow users to have fun while also creating awareness and driving action towards change.

Our game developer Satyajit has travelled extensively with Leena Kejriwal to the different red light areas in Kolkata to get under the skin of the issue. He has been with us through the ground research phase and interacted with survivors to understand the core problems and magnitude of the issue at hand.

Genre wise, MISSING is a mix between adventure, puzzle and RPG. It is developed in a responsive way so that it can be released in multiple platforms. Primarily it's targeted at Android, IOS and PC. The game is intended for a mature audience, and aims to expose the player to the dark world of human trafficking and raise awareness about it.

MISSING: Game For A Cause' is the winner of Indie Game of the Year at NASSCOM Gaming Forum Awards 2016