The Stencil Project is the second part of our awareness campaign; it is a parallel of the larger than life structures. The black silhouette is once again seen through our stencils. The idea behind this was to create a constant reminder of the millions of girls who go missing every year and a remembrance for those who are still missing.

The Stencil Project is actually a parallel of the larger than life structures, and a ground level campaign for anyone who cries abolitionist. The kit also provides them with literature which gives them more insight into the issue, and makes each one a spokesperson for the missing.

The Do Yourself Stencil Kits can be downloaded here, and so are accessible to anyone who would like to join the movement, and make the missing stencil on their nearby walls as a mark of support to end sexual slavery.

The missing girls stencil project helps us tap into different groups, schools, and NGOs across India, to use the MISSING girl stencil as their own public art, to further spread awareness about the issue. The stencil project is a great way to make the youth and public, a part of our initiative.

An issue of this length, breadth and depth, which has its roots in the deepest corners of society and cities can only be dealt with when each one of us become important stakeholders in helping reduce, and eventually remove it. 

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When the Artist, Leena Kejriwal, talks about the stencils she describes them as memorials that denote the visual metaphor of distance. Along with the stencils representing any girl who could very easily become a victim of this heinous trade, their repetitive presence makes people stop and question its motive.

Join us in creating more MISSING stencils,

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