Symbolism of the Silhouette

The symbols of missing; larger-than-life black silhouettes of young girls against urban backdrops, which look like sharp, black cut outs of the sky holes into which millions of girls disappear from the face of the earth into the dark world of prostitution.


Sex Trafficking is one of the most horrific, heinous issues that is prevalent in the world today. We are now desensitised over the plight of the girls who are forced into the flesh trade. Tech today has sanctified and validated things that are unacceptable. The easy access to products and people today has given a halo of acceptance to many things without thought.

Leena built on the power of an icon of the missing girls silhouette to engage the public on the issue of child sex trafficking. Leena found that the magnitude of this issue was directly proportionate to the simplicity of the language required to reach every person, every being in the populace. The larger than life public art works, in the form of silhouettes of young girls set against the sky like black holes cut out into it

In the search, to create a constant reminder for the millions of girls who are going missing every day, the Artist, hit upon the simplistic imagery of the silhouette of a young girl. The flowing form brings alive her naivety and her innocence. The pitch black brings home the fact that she is lost and gone forever.

The silhouette is a sublime distillation of her thoughts, and is a product of intense artistic search, for a visual language, depicting the utter tragedy of the loss of these girls in the dark holes of trafficking.


Deep Darkness. A Black Hole. A Void. It hits you in the gut, leaves you with a strange hollowness inside, and makes you gape at it. You hear yourself asking these questions; What is it? Who is it?…You then realize you don’t have the answers.