Our Story

The MISSING game project began as a free iOS and Android game – for those who are interested, this game, with all its quirks and imperfections, may show you a bit of where we are coming from in terms of narrative. The older game is a point and click-style game, where the project you’re currently funding is an RPG, but thematically there are similarities. The game takes you through the journey of one trafficked girl, Champa, and what she must overcome to escape this dark world.

We launched this “prototype” game last year, to raise awareness about trafficking. It won NASSCOM Indie game of the year and has over 1/2 million organic downloads across 70 countries.

The next game, MISSING: The Complete Saga is a reality-based role playing game set in the rural Indian countryside. Through this game you take the journey of an impoverished but brave village girl, Champa, in her fight against her nefarious circumstances, becoming a victim of trafficking for prostitution, and finding her own place in the world thereafter.

Our game developer Satyajit Chakraborty travelled with Leena Kejriwal, the artist behind the MISSING Public Art Project, to different red light areas in Kolkata and to rural Bengal from where the girls get trafficked. He has been with us throughout the ground research phase and interacted with survivors to understand the core problems and all the tactics they have to resort to, while luring a customer; this aspect also highlights the plight of the trafficked girl.

Traffickers work hard to ruin millions of children’s lives every year. That’s why we need to work harder and smarter than them. MISSING is focused on innovating how we address this social problem. After the global acceptance of our first game, lots of feedback and research, we decided to embark on this new journey to reveal how big a problem trafficking really is. We believe awareness drives to action and empathy and initiatives like this can really build a safer world for all children. That’s why our new game is an extended version of Champa’s life, which takes you through a deeper and richer storyline.


MISSING: The Complete Saga is a 3D role playing game. Your character will have an inventory, and skills based on a skill tree. The game features day/night cycles, and each day you will be assigned new daily tasks, some are based upon new events and happenings. The daily tasks will change as you grow up. You are free to explore the village, take on alternate tasks, and learn new skills apart. Every skill you learn can come handy when you are in danger.

The gameplay evolves with her age. From casual and twitch-style games in Champa’s childhood, to more creative and crafting challenges when she is picking up skills, to more strategic time- and resource-management when she reaches the middle of her life. If she gets trafficked to the cities, elements of stealth and light combat are introduced. That too will be dependent on the skills she has learned.


All proceeds from the game will be donated to the MISSING Public Art and Awareness Campaign once it’s released (the Kickstarter will fund the game’s development). The MISSING campaign aims to sensitize the populace to the desperate plight of millions of little girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Today, there are 30 million prostituted women worldwide, out of which most are young girls.

At the grass root level, MISSING’s work in rural Bengal has helped save girls from the dark world of sexual exploitation and rehabilitate them, saving their future. As MISSING works in the thick of the trafficking belt, we are able to extend our help just where it is needed and save girls as and when we get any information of a trapped girl in the brothels of India.

Our team moves fast in conjugation with the police and the girls’ parents, and we have experienced a 99% success rate in bringing them back home. Further, our livelihood program facilitates the rehabilitation of survivors.

Your contribution will aid in the efforts to save and strengthen the lives of missing girls.  With your help, we will move towards a systematic change and empowerment in deep inaccessible rural pockets which are highly prone to trafficking.

Why Wait For A Girl To Get Trafficked To Save Her?

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