After Odisha, Tamil Nadu Gets Its Own Version of Helpdesk

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After Odisha, Tamil Nadu Gets Its Own Version of Helpdesk

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Tamil Nadu ranked third in human trafficking related incidents in 2015 with a total of 577 cases. That year, the state accounted for 8.4% of total human trafficking cases, while Assam secured the first position with 1494 cases, accounting for 21.7%.

Women and children in Tamil Nadu are not safe. A popular inference states there exist ample drawbacks from the end of law enforcers and governing bodies. Most of the crimes regarding trafficking relate to the violation of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act:

511 cases were registered under the provisions of the Act, and with a total of 684 victims, Tamil Nadu tops the country in Immoral Traffic cases, next to Karnataka (423 cases and 592 victims).

In 2016, India reported 8,132 cases, of which 434 were from Tamil Nadu, alone.

Tamil Nadu About to Get a Help Desk

In lieu of the recent events, Tamil Nadu is about to get a new helpdesk to curb the increasing rates of registered human trafficking cases. In the last one and a half year,

NGO volunteers have rescued more than 847 kids from Chennai Centre and 422 children from the Egmore railway station.

India’s railway stations are regarded as dens of traffickers, where they lure young kids and women only to sell them into the dark world of slavery and prostitution. Helpdesks at train stations help in diminishing this trafficking menace. They keep the children safe, away from the vile hands of traffickers. They cater to the needs of these children, who are lost, abandoned, trafficked and help them find the right support.

Back in 2016, the Ministry of Women and Child Development coupled with Childline India Foundation and Railway Ministry were about to establish Help Desks in three stations in Andhra Pradesh.

East Coast Railway Set Up a Woman-and-Child Desk at Bhubaneshwar Station

In March 2018, the East Coast Railway has decided to come up with a Woman-and-Child Desk at the railway station in Bhubaneshwar. Childline is managing the desk, which started operating from platform No. 1 from 20th March, onwards. A RPF officer stated to The Telegraph,

‘359 children, including 49 girls were saved from the station in 2016 and 198 children were saved in 2017’.

“Traffickers have switched over to the rail route after the state police started a strict vigil on roads. The traffickers use small stations to transport children to other states,” he added.

Benudhar Senapat, a Child Welfare Committee member said, the desk will be at service 24/7. “On an average, 10 women and children are trafficked from the railway station every day. The desk will work in co-ordination with the Government Railway Police and the Railway Protection Force (RPF) to rescue the victims,” he further added.

Touchscreen Kiosks Help Report Crime

Human trafficking is on the rise throughout South Asia, including India, despite states taking measures. Guardian reported that around 135000 children are trafficked each year in India, and the figures are spiking up, each day. In the past three years, the Indian Railways rescued more than 4000 trafficked children, according to of Reuters.

With a joint initiative between Childline India Foundation and Union Ministry of Women And Child Development, Helpline Kiosks are being set up all around the country, especially in the railway stations across Indian metro cities. They resemble airport check-in kiosks, measure four feet in height and prompt the users to report crime. Around 20 railway stations have been selected for 1098 kiosk setup, based on their affinity towards trafficking. 1098 kiosks are going to be launched across 366 cities and towns in India to put an end to trafficking, and properly rehabilitate the victims.

Besides, there is also a Central Bureau of Investigation 24×7 helpline number 011–24368638, wherein you can report illegal human trafficking of children and women. Also, you can reach out to Missing, a non-profit organization: through compelling artwork installation, the organization works towards raising awareness and protecting women and children from all sorts of sexual abuse and trafficking.

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