Disrupting Trafficking with Tech

Disrupting Trafficking with Tech

In an interconnected world, technology takes no sides – where tech power is leveraged and exploited to carry out illegal activities, like human trafficking and sexual exploitation, it can also be used in favor of good. The use of social media sites and a bunch of anonymous apps generates bulk data archives, including predatory networks, money and transportation trails that if nipped in the bud can help the law enforcement bodies locate and rescue victims of trafficking and check illicit activities right away.

Today, technology is power. To eradicate trafficking right from its roots, police and law enforcement agencies would require sharp, integrated tools and technologies as well as unconditional support from government authorities. Cutting edge technologies like Big Data Analytics can help fight the moral battle against trafficking by hauling multiple sources of data, right from deep web, Google search trends to scrutinizing social media accounts, chat sessions and other domains to single out traffickers and identify kingpins of trafficking circuits. But for that, they need to shake hands with the Government.

In this video, actor and entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher shares insights on how his anti-trafficking foundation Thorn is fighting trafficking with technology.

Anti trafficking video game

In India, Apne App is a well-recognized and veritable technological tool used to prevent inter-generational prostitution. Founded by twenty-two women from Mumbai’s red light district, Apne App looks forward toward a world where no women can ever be bought or sold.

Another analytics solution developed by My Choices Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in India uses Cisco UCS and Nexus infrastructure and MapR Converged Data Platform to mitigate world’s most heinous crime: human trafficking. Operation Red Alert is an incredible prevention program powered by big data solution which helps parents, teachers and village panchayat leaders and even children to understand how traffickers operates so that they can prevent their efforts.

The Anti-Human Trafficking Bill 2016

The good news is that the government of India, recognizing the intensity of the prevailing issue is devising ways to address it – and has even come up with a single comprehensive Act- “The Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2016” intents to develop a powerful legal, social and economic atmosphere against trafficking of persons and associated issues.

Equally important, nevertheless would be the technological resources of this bill, mostly data and analytics tools that will beat the traffickers, who on the other hand are also tech-savvy. In a nutshell, The Trafficking of Persons Bill unifies the existing laws, looks deep into the survivor’s needs and lets special courts expedite cases to be tabled in Parliament for quick approval.

3 Things You Need to Know About the Bill:

  • Anti-Trafficking Committee – The Bill mentions purely functional anti-trafficking committees – at district, state and central levels – coupled with NGO representatives and government officials to protect, rescue, prevent and rehabilitate victims of trafficking. Moreover, it also provides for medical and psychological assistance and skill development for trafficked victims.

  • Anti-Trafficking Fund – The Bill makes room for the creation of a fund for proper implementation of the Act coupled with effective welfare and rehabilitation plans for the victims.

  • Special Agency – The Bill mentions that a special agency is going to be constituted by the Central Government to investigate offences under the provisions of the Act.

#EndDemand with Missing Game For a Cause

Our experience in the anti-trafficking space for the last 10 years has taught us the importance of leveraging technology to raise awareness amongst the public about child trafficking.

In this regard, at Missing, we decided to raise awareness about the inhumane world of sex trafficking through a game called Missing: Game for a Cause.

Being a robust game, it lets a player get into the shoes of a trafficked victim to understand what ordeal she has to go through – her frustrations, despair and utter helplessness.

The Missing Game is a joining of puzzle, RPG and adventure. It is built in a responsive way to be played on multiple platforms – including Ios, Android and PC. Through our intensive campaigns, game developments and initiatives, we try to connect with the public and make them aware on the issue of trafficking.

A study conducted by Marcus Toftedahl, lecturer at University of Skovde, showed that the game is most played in countries with the highest sex trafficking rates. India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Philippines have some of the most active MISSING game communities.

Our projects are designed for public engagement because they are the biggest stakeholders as well demand generators. If we educate them, we can reduce demand and curb trafficking. The game presents a powerful solution to raise awareness about child trafficking in areas where it is urgently needed.