Saying NO to “The Man”

“Shampa was only 15 years old when she got married. Shortly after 3 months of marriage, her husband passed away. As things usually work out in these situations, she was branded as “unlucky” in her community.”

When Missing started its Rural Awareness Program in Kultoli with the help of WCD, Shampa and Krishna were amongst the first individuals to get enrolled. Since the beginning of their training they both have stood out with their passion to make a difference in their native village. With strong people skills and a commanding presence, they quickly picked up a journalist skillset. They now work as Youth Leaders within their community, travelling the width of the place in search of important yet neglected stories.

Through their work they have brought some very compelling situations to light, such as the poor state of roads and the lack of medical aid, in their village.

Along with this Shampa is pursuing college and Krishna is also continuing her education at Tech India College, with the support of Missing. They both are extremely passionate about working as video journalists for Missing. Standing on their own feet and building a good future for their community is what drives them. Missing wants to not only nurture these young girls but also build a platform for addressing the grievances of such rural communities that are in dire need of whatever help we can get them.

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Missing has always been vocal about the issue of child trafficking. Apart from this, Missing has also been working hard towards girl empowerment, a topic that is very close to our heart. We started our initiative at the grassroots level with the Missing Livelihood Campaign. With this campaign we aimed to bring about a change in the way girls and women are treated in the rural areas. ‘Girl child’ education is usually not a top priority for families in villages and they are treated as a burden, to be gotten rid of by marriage, as early as possible. So it’s obvious how we have a growing number of child brides and child widows across the country. With our Livelihood Campaign we planned to teach basic skills such as stitching and embroidery which could help women make a living for themselves and become self sufficient.

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