Game for a Cause

Missing: Game For a Cause, is a tool to spread awareness on the heinous issue of sexual trafficking. The player gets into the shoes of the trafficked victim and experiences her frustration, vulnerability and helplessness. They assume the role of the missing girl, making choices and assessing risks for themselves to find their way to an illusive freedom.

MISSING is a Role Playing Game, designed to allow players to experience what a missing person goes through when she is trafficked into the inhumane and cruel world of prostitution, a world into which millions of girls are lost every year.

The Game is a mix between adventure, puzzle and RPG. It is developed in a responsive way so that it can be released in multiple platforms. It is primarily targeted at Android, IOS and PC users. It is intended for the public who are important stakeholders as demand makers in this issue, it also provides important information about trafficking to vulnerable populations.

Our game developer Satyajit Chakraborty travelled with Leena Kejriwal, the artist behind the MISSING Public Art Project, to different red light areas in Kolkata and to rural Bengal from where the girls get trafficked, to better understand the issue. He has been with us throughout the ground research phase and interacted with survivors to understand the core problems and all the tactics they have to resort to, while luring a customer; this aspect also highlights the plight of the trafficked girl.

Launched in October, 2016, the game has had 485,000 organic downloads, over 4000 reviews and  is played in over 70 countries. The game also won prestigious ‘Indie Game of the Year’ at NASSCOM Gaming Forum Award 2016 and is the Indian nominee for Berlin Casual connect. We are now gearing up for the Games for Change conference in New York, end of July.


We recently launched a Bengali version of the game, which is, in fact, the first adventure game in Bengali. The story of the game is not merely translated, but rewritten. The Bengali game was the #1 Free game in the Bangladeshi Play store.

There has been a rise in statistics regarding violence towards women and girls. Notable examples of this which have made international headlines include the Stanford rape case, German sexual assault cases in 2016 new year, and in India there have been no arrests for a racket concerning explicit rape videos which are being sold as porn. Now more than ever it is very important to address this rise in violence and what could be the root cause of its increase!

We are planning to create longer and more intensive version of the game to take the awareness campaign a step further for professional gamers of urban landscape. We are also working towards translating the game into at least 6 more vernacular languages and 8 international languages.