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Gamification 101

In the past couple of years, the concept of gamification has been widely adopted in many avenues. For example, HCL devised a game that would predict how many of the people who have been give offer letters actually intend to join. Youngsters these days are becoming increasingly capricious and HCL has observed a gap of 20-25 percent in the number of offer letters given and accepted. With the help of this they could figure out with upto 95% accuracy whether or not a candidate would join them post interview. Another example is Loreal. They had launched a business game ‘REVEAL’ across different countries.The objective of the game was to get selected either for an internship or a full time job. The whole idea of the game was around a L’oreal Product Launch.

Players had to participate in the life cycle of the product. Right from the production to marketing/sales of that product. Analyzing the situations and taking the right decisions. The players got exposure to L’oreal’s culture and values via this game. It also helped the players to decide their career options- as in, what field they were most likely to join in. Nowadays more and more apps have adapted to the process of gamification, sometimes as aids in education like the Byju’s Learning App, DuoLingo or Codecademy and sometimes for reinforcing positive habits like the Nike+  Running App, HabitRPG, etc.

Gamification has changed how we educate and encourage activity from people. It is something that has become more relevant and useful with the advance of technology.

Our Idea

After 15 years in the anti-trafficking space, one thing is quite clear, if we are to make a change, we need to rethink and innovate how we do it. If traffickers work hard to ruin millions of children’s lives every year, we need to work harder and smarter. Technology provides us with the ability to do so.

In 2016 we launched the MISSING Game for a Cause which puts you in the shoes of a trafficked victim. For the first time trafficking was brought to a digital audience and a gaming environment in this way. In 9 months it got ½ a million organic downloads across 70 countries. This was big for us, but apart from the validation we learned how something as simple as a game can change the dialogue for a social problem as big as trafficking.

It is a role playing game which traces the journey of a young girl who falls prey to trafficking, following her through all the challenges that someone in such a circumstance would face right from being deprived of the basic amenities till the time they are actually rescued.The players make choices that would lead them to their freedom. It is designed in a way that the players experience what a girl goes through when she is trafficked into the world of prostitution.

Have you played the game yet?

BTW we’ve launched our game in 12 Indian Languages and German.

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