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Winner of Nasscom Indie Game of the year.


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Most trafficked girls never return home. Even if they break free, their families don’t always take them back…

“…really touching and heart wrenching.”

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Genre: Role Playing Game

Language: Available in English/Bengali

Platforms: Android/iOS/PC

Price: Free

Developer: Flying Robot Studios

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Addressing Trafficking Through a Game

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The Real Experience

Game For A Cause

Saving Girls

All proceeds from this game will go towards the MISSING Public Art and Awareness Campaign. The MISSING campaign aims to sensitize the populace to the desperate plight of millions of little girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Today, there are 30 million prostituted women worldwide, out of which most are young girls.

At the grass root level, MISSING’s work in rural Bengal, has helped save girls from the dark world of sexual exploitation and rehabilitate them, saving their future. As MISSING works in the thick of the trafficking belt, we are able to extend our help just where it is needed and save girls as and when we get any information of a trapped girl in the brothels of India. Our team moves fast in conjugation with the police and the girls’ parents, and we have experienced a 99% success rate in bringing them back home. Further, our livelihood programme facilitates in the rehabilitation of survivors.

At the urban level our existing game, MISSING: Game for a Cause, a new way to raise awareness, has won NASSCOM’s Indie Game of The Year Award and already has over ½ million organic downloads across the world, making us game changers in this issue. Your contribution will directly aid in the efforts to save and strengthen the lives of missing girls.With your help, we will move towards a systematic change and empowerment in deep inaccessible rural pockets which are highly prone to trafficking

Why Wait For A Girl To
Get Trafficked To Save Her?

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