Missing Game Is Now Available in 12 Languages in Support with Sandvik India

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Missing Game Is Now Available in 12 Languages in Support with Sandvik India

The Missing Public Art Project in collaboration with Sandvik India Pvt. Ltd launches Missing: Game For a Cause in 8 new vernacular languages to create massive awareness about sex trafficking in India. Missing Game is a robust point and click-style game that takes you through a painstaking journey of a trafficked girl, Champa: how she fights off abominable circumstances and finds her way in the world thereafter.

The game is one of its kind; it’s the world’s first adventure game that nudges the issue of trafficking by putting the players in the shoes of a missing person to better experience what pains she goes through. Besides English, Hindi and Bengali, it’s now available in Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Nepali and Maithili.

In this context, Consul General of Sweden in Mumbai Ms. Ulrika Sundberg stated, “Trafficking is a modern form of slavery and children and women are exploited in ways more than one like forced labor, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, camel jockeys, criminal activity such as pick pocketing, begging, transporting drugs amongst others. Since 2000, human trafficking is an international crime and criminalized at the national level.

Sweden is the first country in the world to criminalize the purchase, and not the selling, of sexual services in 1999. The goal is to address the demand side of the equation and trafficking for commercial or sexual purposes. The ban on the purchase of sexual services is intended to bring about a fundamental shift in societal attitudes. We consider the women and the girl or boy child as victims of exploitation and abuse, not as perpetrators. When it comes to formulating effective measures to combat human trafficking, sensitization and a broad knowledge base is crucial. ‘Missing game’ is a great initiative and a wonderful attempt to expose the dark world of human trafficking and raise awareness across society.”

About Missing Game App

Released on multiple platforms, Missing Game is a smart mix of puzzle, adventure and RPG. Built in the most responsive way, it is available for Ios, Android and PC users. For Leena Kejriwal, founder of Missing, art to inspire is the key to change the perception of the people all around. Importantly, Missing Game serves to be the powerful medium where art truly meets technology. It’s intended for a mature audience who wants to take a peep at the dark world of prostitution.

After a lot of groundwork and base-level research on the trafficked girls, the game developer, Satyajit Chakraborty came out with a highly interactive adventure game Missing. For that, he also did travel far and wide with Leena to various red light areas in Bengal and Kolkata to learn more about the issue and curate something more than just a mere game!