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3 million individuals are trafficked every year. If 3 million more people knew about this issue, trafficking wouldn’t be as rampant.

The Missing mural walk  is a 6 city public art project. This initiative aims to start a dialogue with urban India about the dark world of trafficking  because the public is the biggest stakeholder in this issue.  Each city has its own set of murals and chatbot narrative. The murals invite viewers to talk to the art work via a Facebook chatbot. It offers quick conversation and key take-aways about trafficking through an interactive narrative. 

How it works:

  1. Mural Catches viewer attention.Each mural has a unique placard to guide further interaction
  2. Placard informs viewer on how they can talk to the mural and has a link to the Facebook page.

  3. Once on our Facebook page, the viewer just needs to send a message.

  4. Champa, the chatbot, takes over with a deeper narrative about each mural, insights on trafficking in India and a map to the other murals

Throwing a Chatbot into the mix because Conversational UI is important.

86% smartphone users in India access social media on their devices

The idea for the chatbot, Champa, came about to make our artworks more interactive and engaging. In 2017, smartphone users in India are estimated to reach 299.24 million. So we knew that a chatbot would be an effective way to engage people. We collaborated with expert psychologists and various NGOs to shape an engaging and meaningful narrative. Each chatbot conversation is between 1-3 minutes and offers one key take away. The narrative is dynamic; a visitor could begin an interaction with any of the murals. 

Importantly, the chatbot is platform agnostic; its a FB chatbot. It’s easily accessible and does not require additional app downloads.

Say HI to our chatbot

Art Work

The ideas for these murals came from intensive research. While interacting with trafficking survivors we got a deeper understanding into their journey before, during and after being trafficked. Our murals illustrate the pivotal points in a girls life where she is vulnerable, preyed on and misunderstood. We wanted to created simple yet strong visuals that highlighted these moments. If more people were able to identify these situations, fewer girls would be sucked into the black hole that is trafficking.

The “The Ten Faces of Patriarchy” highlights how children are always told to listen to their adults and follow what they say. Each face represents an archetype from Indian society. One of our survivors, Jaya, was trafficked because she listened to her elderly neighbor who said that she would take Jaya to the city for a better life but instead sold her. Jaya was naive and believed her because that’s what we are told to do – blindly listen to our adults!

Another mural highlighted how girls are sold at prices much lower than what we pay for our everyday groceries. The fact that a price, and such a small one at that, can be assigned to a life is quite discomforting and raises alarm towards the nature of child trafficking. The “Survivor” mural showcases a rescued girl surrounded with flowers and her bright future but who is unable to let go of the horrors of her past and live a happy normal life. Psychologist Dr. Shoshana Garfield says, ” Even two weeks in a trafficking hell hole means a lifetime of therapy.”

City #1 

This is intelligent art. It really involves the viewer in this conversation … and in a way that hasn’t happened before.
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Kolkata is synonymous to Durga Puja. This Puja we decided to bring attention to the millions of missing girls who won’t get the opportunity to celebrate the festival with the Missing Mural Walk. The walk features 8 murals across the Gol Park area in Kolkata. Check out the Map here


We are immensely happy with the level of engagement that we managed to achieve through our murals and the  chatbot. This is a part of our 6 city project and moving forward, we aim to bring these murals to other major cities of India and educate more people about our cause. We would appreciate any volunteers who would like to come forward and help us in whatever way they can. Please use the link to get in touch with us – https://www.savemissinggirls.com/volunteer/

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