Project Description

Violence Against Women still continues to be one of the most prevalent and least recognized human rights violations in the world.

In India, this occurs in many forms: domestic violence, sexual assault, public humiliation, abuse, trafficking and honorkillings. It is shocking to know that 70% of women face some form of violence in their lifetime. MISSING focuses on trafficking for sexual exploitation, especially of young girls.

MISSING, along with Every 8 Minutes & iPartner India and 10 other NGOs across India, joined hands during the 16 Days of Activism on Violence Against Women and Girls. Using art as a tool for activism, NGOs working on child trafficking and education in different cities, created the #missingirls stencils on public walls in vulnerable areas across India. The campaign managed to successfully raise awareness about the heinous issue of sex trafficking, along with: Increased awareness about suspicious and abnormal behaviors and the issue of sex trafficking, reporting and filing cases with local police administration on missing children, ensuring that girls are retained in schools and connecting young women with local NGOs to provide them with skill-based livelihood trainings.

The outcome of the campaign was to have increased awareness about how vulnerable girls are to trafficking and how the community as a collective can bring about solutions. This campaign created alertness and sensitivity in the local communities towards the crime of trafficking. During the 16 days of activism, this campaign successfully highlighted the horrors of violence faced by trafficked girls and women.

This partnership also helped us by opening up a wider audience to our awareness campaigns and automatically got us more engagement. The NGOs we collaborated with are – Vatsalya, Udayan, Stop, Prerna and Jamghat, to name a few. From the moment we distributed our stencils and let the public install it wherever they wanted to, we gave them ownership of the campaign as well. We only hope to move from strength to strength from the point at which were now.