Project Description

Empowering Our Youth to Drive Change

MISSING has collaborated with iVolunteer; a social enterprise that promotes volunteering to spread our message across a wider audience.

iVolunteer joined hands with MISSING on our ground-level awareness campaign by connecting the project to various NGOs and student bodies, thereby, increasing its reach.  

One such collaboration took place on International Women’s Day (8th March, 2016). MISSING and iVolunteer conducted an awareness talk at Tiljala SHED, an NGO in Calcutta that works to empower rag pickers and vulnerable women and children in the city. Students at Vidyapeeth school were really curious to know about the MISSING campaign and also responded with enthusiasm about the fight against issue of girl child trafficking. They were able to connect deeply with the problem and were very intrigued and had many poignant questions about the issue.

Once the talks were complete, MISSING went around the locality with the Tiljala SHED girls, where they created the stencils and spoke to people about the issue of sex trafficking. The MISSING stencil, featuring our iconic Silhouette, works as both a remembrance of girls who have gone missing as well as a reminder of the ever present threat of sex trafficking. The stencil is an innovative and interactive way to get communities and individuals involved in the movement against sex trafficking. The Tiljala Shed girls made wall graffiti with our stencils and thoroughly enjoyed the process.