Project Description

The Process

Creative people from across all genres have joined hands with MISSING and have lent their expertise to the cause. One such amazing collaboration was on the MISSING logo, along with Rashi Ray, designer, art director, writer and cofounder of  Zero Budget Agency.

Leena initially contacted Rashi for help on the pitch video for MISSING’s crowd funding campaign because Leena felt that Rashi had the energy and knew the pulse of the youth today. Consulting with Rashi took MISSING’s crowdfunding video from 3 minutes to under a minute. Upon learning more about the campaign and working together on the video, Rashi graciously came forward to design the logo. Initially the logo was proposed in 2 different colors red and black. After feedback from Bina Sarkar curator of International Gallery and Shaheen Merali, curator/mentor for Leena’s previous works, they zeroed in on the black and white logo. The bold fonts and the missing “i” makes the logo itself a creative and collaborative art work.