Project Description

A one-man troupe and Ted Fellow, Vipul does everything from writing of the script to acting it out.

About Vipul

Vipul Singh, or Ghumantu Kalakar as he is more commonly known, is a street theater artist who was born and raised in Varanasi, India. He dropped out of college to travel across india, from Bhopal to Jammu, on foot to perform street plays on social issues plaguing India and on Indian culture. So far he has staged over 700 Street plays on topical issues ranging on everything from education to menstruation. His work seeks to bring about change in the lives of the people he interacts with. Vipul is a one-man troupe who does everything from writing of the script to acting it out. He has also been a speaker at several TED talk events.

Working with

Vipul stumbled upon the MISSING campaign through the work of photographer and installation artist Leena Kejriwal on social media. He was struck by the magnitude of the problem of sex trafficking in India and the plight of the girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Moved by the work MISSING was doing, he decided to collaborate with the campaign in his own way. Upon his solo journey from Bhopal to Jammu, he staged many street plays on the issue of sex trafficking, highlighting the impact of trafficking and how to prevent this from happening. He even took with him the MISSING stencil and created the silhouette on the highways and in the walls of remote towns, deep in the hard to reach pockets of rural India.

According to Vipul, street theater and theater in general is an important medium of social change. He believes in the power of performance art, especially in street theater, as plays are localized in terms of language and are able to reach a larger number of people and the content is constantly evolving to meet the social need of the times. Vipul calls upon other artists and individuals, be it painters, writers, singers, dancers or illustrators to lend their voice, talent and heart to the MISSING campaign to help those girls who have gone missing from the face of the earth. He believes that together we can put an end to sex trafficking.

MISSING has always held that the ultimate form of engagement is collaborations, thus we have a do-it-yourself kit of our stencil on our website giving ownership of the silhouette to whoever wants to be a part of our campaign. MISSING invites other artists to collaborate with us and join the anti-trafficking movement.