Project Description


The Women and Child Development program aims to spread awareness about sexual trafficking through schools. Since the Ministry works towards the holistic development of women and children through plans, policies and programs, guiding and coordinating the efforts of governmental and non-governmental organizations working for the development of women and children and so on, Missing seems to resonate with its stated purpose completely.

Missing hopes to energize the stated purpose of the Ministry, aligning the same with the vindication of the woes of a marginalized vulnerable population, that continues to remain endemically engendered in our society.

We are aiming at spreading awareness in areas which are vulnerable to sex trafficking. Since these villages are vulnerable zones, campaigning in their schools is fruitful. We have six assigned teams conducting the awareness sessions, each team is scheduled to cover 10-12 schools a month, which gives us 70 schools in all. We target high schools as adolescents are the most vulnerable to this issue. A typical session, includes our team getting familiar with the class, and asking the children what their hobbies and interests are. After which they delve into more serious matters by narrating a story of a girl, Ayesha, who was a victim of sex trafficking.

Which is followed by making them answer questionnaires; giving the team an idea, as to how much the children managed to learn from the talk.

While conducting the last awareness session, it was indicative from their faces that most of the children present in that classroom, were aware about the issue of sex trafficking. To recognize such a horrific issue at a mere age of fourteen or fifteen, is something that should drive us to protect these children and preserve the sanctity of their childhood.

We usually visit schools in rural Bengal which are situated in the outskirts of Kolkata, but a few  weeks ago we visited a girls school in Kolkata and saw a remarkable difference in the children. The city girlshad a much stronger command and understanding of the issue and were well equipped to provide solutions to Ayeshas story and how they would handle any untoward behavior. This proves again, how important it is to spread awareness in the more vulnerable and rural areas of the country.

Sex trafficking is one of the darkest and deepest issues, still widely prevalent in the world we live in; we have to do our bit to stop this trade, and save millions of girls who are vulnerable, and rescue the lives of those who have been victims of this issue.

“If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you’re educating an entire nation.”