Where does it go?

Money that MISSING receives goes towards the various facets of our campaign

Your help of $150 / Rs.10,500 gift could go towards providing livelihood training to a girl in Kultali block in rural West Bengal. This will allow her to lead a life of financial independence and support herself and her family. By enabling us to carry out our ground level awareness campaign your $50 could be instrumental in reaching out to a vulnerable girl in rural India, who is not aware of the threat of trafficking that surrounds her. Armed with the information we provide her, she will be better equipped to protect herself. And a gift of just $215 / Rs.15,000 could rescue a girl from a brothel, saving her life and her future.

Your donation could rescue her from the hellish confines of a brothel and provide her with the promise of a better tomorrow.


No matter what aspect of our campaign we allocate money to, we can ensure that our projects work to benefit individuals and communities in a systematic and sustainable manner. We believe in treating the cause and not the symptom, therefore our campaign delves deep into the heart of the problem. When we enter into communities, we build lasting and meaningful relationships ensuring that the impact we seek to make takes seed and flourishes. Whether your interest is in livelihood generation for young women, saving missing girls or creating mass awareness on sex trafficking- rest assured we are on the ground leading high impact projects bringing about concrete and long lasting change. And since, MISSING believes that trust is the bedrock of any good relationship – we can ensure a high level of transparency and accountability in all our actions.