Indian children face the highest instances of online child abuse in the world

Help Us Stop Online Child Abuse

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Help Us Stop Online Child Abuse

#SOS is a heartfelt intervention by anti-trafficking NGO Save Missing Girls and CyberPeace, supported by PVR Nest, to arrest the galloping pace of child online abuse in India.

It is an initiative to make children and their parents more aware and informed about the issue and offer them assistance and support. It is an effort to bring this horrific issue out in the open by sparking dialogues amongst students, parents, schools and to engage experts from varied fields like cybersecurity, governance, psychology, sociology, art, humanities and education.

It is a call to you, to join hands with us, and become an interventionist.

Because the children of India deserve better.

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India’s children are no longer safe in their own homes and schools

Mobile screens turn our children into easy targets no matter where they are.

     Build Awareness

We are harnessing all possible media to highlight the shocking statistics and urgent need for intervention.

     Build Safety Tools and Measures
SOS Online Safety Desk icon-01
The Child Online Safety Desk

is a highly sophisticated chat bot created by us, to offer 24/7 information and assistance to any one from a distressed child, worried parent, concerned teacher, or a just proactive community member who wants to know more.

SOS Mom icon-01
The SOS Mums

collective is a group of concerned mother bloggers who are already raising their voices online and beginning a cyber conversation with the community.

SOS Forum icon-01
The SOS Forum

invites students to talk about the issue, share their experiences and seek solutions from experts in cyber safety, psychology and mental health, educationists, policy makers, and of course the immediate community.

SOS Dad icon-01
The SOS Dads (Coming Soon)

is a soon to be launched vibrant panel discussion with other concerned celebrity Dads to inspire and motivate millions of other fathers to join the #SOS community of vigilant cyber parents and work together to make the online world a safer place for our children.

    Build Communities and Start Dialogues

Online inappropriateness is often a precursor to offline sexual abuse. Either way, it robs our children of their innocence and trust, leaving lifelong scars that run deep. As parents, we cannot afford to look the other way. As schools, it is our responsibility to check this. As friends, relatives and family, we need to support the child but report the issue, to prevent the spread. As a community, and a country, we need to come together to address this crime our children, and create a support system that will tackle this issue with compassion, strategy, technology and legislation. No one can do this alone. Let’s do this together. At #SOS Community.

Build a safer world for India’s children