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Why Buy a Missing Product?

Empower the women of Sundarbans to break out of the cycle of exploitation and poverty
by supporting products crafted by them at the Women Empowerment Centers.

Our Products

All new MISSING Bags collection!

  • Sustainable material : Cotton/Canvas
  • Screen print of logos as per requirement
  • Handmade by the ladies in Sundarbans
  • High quality and well finished

Corporate orders : We accept a minimum order of 100 bags. Our bags range between ₹15 – 200.

Options for Customisation:

  • Artwork as per your logo
  • Single or multi colour
  • MISSING girl branding option to show your support to the cause
  • Bag sizes customisable as per requirement
  • Price may vary as per size the bag and logo
  • Sample development of bags you design


  • 95 GSM MSF(Ministry of Defence), Non-woven laminated,
    blood and water resistant three ply certified masks
  • Reusable
  • Color: White

Buying Options

  • Buy a pack of 50 masks: ₹ 650
  • Buy a pack of 100 masks: ₹ 1,500

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