The humanitarian brainchild of Leena Kejriwal, MISSING started as a public art project, after many years of working closely with NGO’s such as Apne Aap, Hamari Muskan and New Light.

As an artist, Leena Kejriwal dealt with the issue of Human Trafficking by creating complicated installations within gallery spaces, that brought up the dark realities of sex trafficking in a very graphic way.

An organic process from the very beginning, Leena felt she needed a new approach to tackle the world wide issue of human trafficking and introduced MISSING as a four part Art As Activism movement through her #MissinGirl stencincil campaign.

MISSING was launched to great reviews at the India Art Fair in January 2014.
MISSING is a public art & awareness campaign that aims to sensitize the population to the plight of millions of little girls who get trafficked for sexual expolitation. It is a four part project that tackles the first P of the UN’S four P strategy on anti trafficking, and that is, Prevention through advocacy and awareness.

At one level we work on prevention through mass awareness by engaging the general populace who are major stakeholders in this issue as demand makers but whose role is often underplayed.

Missing also wishes to curb the supply side of trafficking from West Bengal, where we are based, by strengthening the community of South 24 paraganas a high trafficking area.

Are you working with local governments to take this to the next level?

Working closely with government agencies, NGOs and the police, MISSING helps advocate awareness, protection and prosecution, the gravity of the issue is so huge that there needs to be public intervention.

MISSING addresses a global audience as sex trafficking is a global issue. MISSING believes that the world’s population needs to be made aware of the role that they play in creating a demand for girls who get trafficked.

MISSING has a DIY Kit available on its website of the MISSING Stencil, allowing anyone to be part of the campaign, anywhere in the world. This works to engage individuals with the issue of trafficking that affects every community in the world.

MISSING has also developed its valuable tool, the MISSING Game for a Cause, which talks to a world audience and has been played in over 65 countries across the globe

Yes Foundation

Rotary India

iPartner India

Women & Child Development Ministry

Child line

Sufi Kathak Foundation

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kolkata

New Light

Hamari Muskan

Apne Aap Worldwide

Association for the Promotion of Social Change (APSA)


Kaikhali Samadhan Samity

Nedan Foundation

Paint Our World

Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES)




Udayan Care


Tribal Heart Foundation

Satyajit Chakraborty, Game Designer

Kitsch Mandi, Bangalore

Harsh Raman, street artist

Hope and Fortune, UK

Vipul Singh, Street Theatre Artist

Vasvi Kejriwal, Poet

Tushar Kejriwal, Filmmaker and Editor

Rahel and Damon, Zaemespiel / Naivety Lam

Shunal Ligade, Guerilla Street Artist

Rashi Ray, Founder of ZeroBudget Agency

Amogh Lux, Artist

We are giving the MISSING stencil out for free to anyone interested, so that they can create it in their own cities around the world and feel empowered. We are collaborating with like-minded artists and NGOs to make it more than just one artist’s journey into the space of artivism. We have also done a crowdfunding campaign, so that people will feel as deeply connected to the issue as the artist herself.

Beyond this, we are hosting a lot of awareness talks for schools, colleges and the masses, to engage the public with the issue of sex trafficking.

Public engagement in today’s times goes hand in hand with the online world. We opted for crowdfunding to raise funds for the project to use the reach of the virtual world to our advantage and have the masses, for whom this project is being done, feel a part of it from the start.

In India, there is very little funding for public art from the government and corporate sector. This was a chance to prove that there is a desire and need to use art to fight social problems. We managed to raise our target of Rs 16 lakhs in 60 days on Wishberry, which was used to create the first set of installations and develop the MISSING Game for the Cause.

We are active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Social media has been extremely useful to spread awareness regarding our movement these can be for user engagement.
Missing has already been working on putting larger-than-life silhouettes of young girls against the urban skyline, on top of buildings and anywhere visible to the public. These silhouettes will serve as a constant reminder to people about the millions of girls who have disappeared because of humanity’s negligence.

We are working with the best fabricators in India, who will be creating wind-proof and temperature-proof silhouettes that will require very little maintenance. These will act as a constant reminder to people of the plight of the missing girl. These will be launched across India in 2016.

We are also excited about the launch of the Bengali version of the MISSING Game – a Game for the Cause for smartphone users, which would engage users across age groups and help them experience what the missing girls are forced to go through to survive.

MISSING has already been tying up with NGOs and organizations to spread the word on the project and the heinous issue of trafficking. There have been a series of awareness talks in schools and colleges to ensure that the next generation is aware of the problem at hand.

With tie-ups with Rotaractors and multiple organizations across the country, we aim to provide rural, high-risk trafficking zones in Bengal livelihood projects that would provide income for rescued/vulnerable women..

What makes MISSING unique is the message behind our simple yet hard-hitting public art which we use as a visual metaphor for society’s negligence. We are using the #MissinGirls Stencil campaign to create awareness and help prevent human trafficking in West Bengal.

Public art is used as a strong tool to fight social problems across the globe. With the growing prominence of arts awareness in India, we intend to reintroduce ‘Art As Activism’ as a mainstream concept, with a renewed force.

The response to the crowdfunding experiment and the project in general has been amazing and we have touched the lives of men, women, activists, survivors, volunteers and children alike. The energy from the youth of India especially, has been extremely positive and rewarding. The MISSING team is grateful for people opening their hearts to an important cause and to public art.
MISSING is now a worldwide project with an organic growth in followers since we began. We have rescuers and survivors from the trade, who advise and help spread awareness. We are also in touch with students from schools and colleges worldwide, who all feel the urge to be a part of this special awareness campaign and of course, we work side by side with the general public, for whom this campaign is being done.
Sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery that exists throughout the world.  “Sex traffickers use violence, threats, lies, debt bondage, and other forms of coercion to compel adults and children to engage in commercial sex acts against their will.” (The Polaris Project).

Missing is trying to combat sex trafficking, globally and locally. Sex trafficking is the 3rd largest criminal industry in the world. At least 20.9 million adults and children are bought and sold worldwide into commercial sexual servitude, and 20,000 women and children were victims of human trafficking in India in 2016. It is estimated that West Bengal accounts for 42% of all trafficking cases in India. Kultali block where MISSING works, is one of the five most trafficking prone districts in West Bengal.

We are always on the lookout for students and volunteers across ages to spread awareness against human trafficking. You can fill in our volunteer form or print out our #MissinGirls Stencil Campaign Kit 
Thank you for your interest to help the #MissinGirls movement. MISSING as mentioned has been a crowd funded organic movement from the very beginning. If you would like to donate please head over to one of our many online payment options. Your contribution will go towards rescuing, rehabilitating and start-ups of future livelihood projects to make vulnerable women in heavily trafficking areas, independent and part of a sustainable project.
We appreciate your interest to take MISSING to a whole new level! We love working with companies who believe helping people as part of a great business model. Please download the corporate relations form and one of our MISSING team members will follow up with your  relations manager to see how we can join hands in helping vulnerable girls and spreading awareness.
Our relationship with the press has been a very organic process. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Leena Kejriwal who has spoken at national events all across India , the coverage for the #MissinGirls Public Art Campaign has been overwhelming! Please visit our press page to see our coverage so far, download our Press Kit and MISSING will get in touch with you to answer any further questions you may have!
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Child Abuse Hotline – 1098

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