Our Child safety education bond is now live on the Social Stock Exchange

Missing is now listed on the Social Stock Exchange and soon going to public with its ZCZP instrument on the National Stock Exchange

Support us to create a world where every child is safe from abuse and exploitation
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Invest in India’s Future Generation

Join Missing to educate vulnerable children to keep themselves safe in one of the most vulnerable places in India. Your investment in our Zero Coupon Zero Principal (ZCZP) instrument isn’t just a transaction—it’s a partnership, investing in thousands of futures and allowing each child to live up to their true potential.

About Missing Awareness & Safety School program

Today education and child safety are mutually inclusive.

MISSING flagship project, Missing Awareness and Safety School program (MASSP) has been a pivotal endeavor in child safety. 

It educates adolescents on the rising sex abuse and exploitation and teaches them how to keep themselves safe in this physical and new digital social landscape they inhabit. 

Our program engages adolescents with compelling audio-visual content, fostering empathy and awareness to prevent future perpetrators. Leveraging existing school systems, we maximize reach and raise awareness systematically.

Project rationale

One in every two children face sexual abuse.

A large population of our children and adolescents are already online with no education of digital hygiene or cyber civic sense.

There was a 400% increase in cyber crimes committed against children from 2019 to 2020. 56 lakh suspected reports of Child Sexual Abuse Material in 2022 came from India, highest in the world and —a 6% increase from 2021.

There is a dire need to systematically educate children to prevent sex abuse and exploitation online. To teach them how to keep themselves safe in this new digital world.

Your Social investment

Your social investment will give a child in Sunderbans a life free from sex abuse and exploitation.

  • Girls completing their education 

(SDG 4: Quality Education, SDG 5:Gender Equality)

  • Preventing teenage pregnancy 

(SDG 1: No Poverty, SDG 5: Gender Equality)

  • Preventing Child Marriage 

(SDG 5: Gender Equality)

  • Increasing agency 

(SDG 5: Gender Equality)

Investor Benefits

Invest in India’s future generation Contribute constructively in a new era for children and adolescents
Diversify your portfolio with impactful, socially-conscious investments Receive updates on your investments' impact and the impact on the lives we are saving

Details of listing

Type of Instrument:
Zero Coupon Zero Principle (ZCZP) Instrument.
Designated Stock Exchange:
National Stock Exchange (NSE)
Issue Size:
Rs. 120 lakhs
Minimum Subscription:
Rs. 10 Thousand
Issue Opening Date:
March 26th
Issue Closing Date:
April 2nd

Join Us

To give a child a life free of sex abuse and exploitation and allow them to live up to their true potential.

Impactful Support

29,000 For just 400 rs Rs 2.73 lakh per case
Educate vulnerable children and adolescents in Joynager district of Sunderbans A life free from sex abuse and exploitation Prosecution Cost per case to the economy

Our commitment to transparency and accountability

Our dedication to transparency and accountability guarantees that your investment receives meticulous oversight and regular impact reporting, ensuring integrity in its management.

Our partners

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To subscribe to ZCZP of the Social Stock Exchange, follow these comprehensive steps:

Ensure you have a Demat account with either NSDL or CDSL. This is necessary for the allocation and holding of the ZCZP instruments. Include details of a valid and active DP ID and Client ID in your application.

The minimum investment amount is Rs. 10 Thousand, equal to the face value of each ZCZP instrument. Minimum Investment size is 20 ZCZPs worth INR Rs. 2,00,000.

  • Fill out the application form carefully. You can find the form on the NSE’s website or obtain it through authorized brokers.
  • Ensure to read the terms and instructions provided in the Final Fund Raising Document before filling out the form.
  • Include your personal details, investment details, and specify your investor category.
  • Payment Methods:
    • If paying by cheque or demand draft, attach it with the application form.
    • For electronic transfers, make the payment electronically and mention the UTR number and the transfer date on the form for tracking purposes.
The form must be signed by the sole or first applicant. If the depository account is held in joint names, include the name and PAN of the person whose name appears first in the depository account. Only this person’s signature is required on the application form.
  • If paying by cheque/demand draft, submit the completed application form along with the payment to the Registrar’s Office before the closing date.
  • For electronic payments, ensure the transfer is completed, and the application reaches the Registrar within three working days from the issue closing date.
The issue opens on March 2024, and closes on April, 2024. Ensure your application, along with the payment, is submitted three days before the closing date to avoid any last-minute issues.
Keep the acknowledgement slip, which includes payment details and applicant information, for your records. This serves as proof of your application submission and payment